Data Transfer Calculator

Estimate the time required for transferring files of various sizes at different speeds with our easy-to-use calculator.

GPA Calculator

The GPA (Grade Point Average) calculator is a useful tool for students to calculate their overall academic performance.It takes into account the grades and credits for each course and provides a weighted average of the grades based on the letter…

Fuel Cost Calculator

Instructions for entering trip distance, fuel efficiency, gas price, and obtaining estimated fuel cost.

Age Calculator

A versatile tool to determine age and time interval between two dates.

Mass Calculator

Understand how mass is calculated using density and volume, with examples of common material densities.

WACC Calculator

Calculate Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) by inputting total debt, total equity, cost of debt, cost of equity, and corporate tax rate.

Our Online Coin Toss Game

A coin toss reveals randomness and probability in a 50/50 split between heads and tails, used in decision-making and sporting events.