Dr Oakley: Revolutionary Veterinary Care Innovator

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a dedicated veterinarian and TV personality, known for her work with wildlife in Yukon and her show on National Geographic.

Meet Dr. Michelle Oakley

Dr. Michelle Oakley walks confidently in her outdoor gear, surrounded by wildlife and nature

Early Life and Education

Dr. Michelle Oakley was always fascinated by animals and devoted her life to becoming a veterinarian.

She went to the University of Michigan to pursue a degree in Zoology, graduating in 1991.

Michelle then decided to further her studies by attending the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island.

Family Bonds

Apart from being a dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Oakley is also a loving wife and mother.

She is married to Shane Oakley, and the couple has three wonderful daughters: Sierra, Maya, and Willow.

Together, they share a beautiful life intertwined with their passion for wildlife and the outdoors.

Career Highlights

Dr. Michelle Oakley’s career as a veterinarian has taken her across the breathtaking landscapes of the Yukon.

She tends to a wide range of domestic and wild animals, making house calls across thousands of square miles.

Her efforts have been recognized and documented in the popular TV series Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet on National Geographic.

Some fun facts about Dr. Michelle Oakley and her work:

  • She started living in Yukon in 1992 after falling in love with its stunning landscapes and rich wildlife.
  • The scope of her veterinary work includes taking care of both domestic and wild animals, sometimes even unconventional pets such as iguanas or birds of prey.
  • When she’s not working, she enjoys spending her time with her husband and daughters, often going on family trips to explore nature together.

Throughout her career, Dr. Oakley has showcased incredible resilience and dedication to her profession.

Her remarkable journey has not only inspired those around her but has also captivated television viewers worldwide.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Show

Show Overview

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet is a popular television show on Nat Geo Wild, which follows the adventures of Dr. Michelle Oakley in treating animals wild and domestic.

The show first premiered on April 4, 2014, and is now running its season 10. Dr. Oakley is based out of Haines Junction, Yukon, and Haines, Alaska, where she makes house calls across remote landscapes, providing medical care to animals in need.

Dr. Oakley is a wife, mother of three girls, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in zoology in 1991.

She also attended the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, acquiring the skills necessary to navigate the rugged environments and address various wildlife challenges.

Wildlife Treatments

Dr. Oakley provides a range of treatments to wildlife, from endangered species to common domestic animals.

In each episode, viewers watch her perform various procedures, from surgeries to tranquilizing and assessing wild animals.

A combination of medical knowledge, compassion, and humor make Dr. Oakley highly skilled at handling even the most unpredictable situations.

Her passion for animals and ability to maintain a calm demeanor under pressure make Dr. Oakley an inspiration to both her daughters and viewers alike.

Each episode is filled with fascinating and little-known facts about the animals and their habitats.

Seasonal Adventures

Each season of the show follows Dr. Oakley through varied and wild landscapes, from the Yukon to Alaska, capturing her interactions with different animals and their unique medical challenges.

Some episodes highlight rare and unusual species and medical conditions, while others provide insight into the daily life and challenges faced by a veterinarian in remote locations.

In addition to treatment, the show also explores the importance of wildlife preservation and the role that veterinarians play in maintaining the health and well-being of animals in their natural environments.

Audiences are consistently captivated by the stunning natural landscapes, extraordinary wildlife encounters, and the passion that Dr. Oakley brings to her work.

For those interested in exploring more wildlife and nature-related content, National Geographic offers a wide range of shows to satisfy any curiosity and further ignite a passion for the natural world.