Environmental Science and Climate Change

Climate change, environmental conservation, and studies on the impact of human activities on the planet.

All About the Bobcat: Lynx rufus

Intense lynx in lush forest, close-up view.
The bobcat, known scientifically as Lynx rufus, is a North American wild feline with distinct physical features and a broad habitat range that spans from Mexico to Canada.

The Hottest Temperatures on Earth

Earth's climate has consistently fluctuated over 11,300 years, with notable temperature extremes like Death Valley's 134°F in 1913 and 129.2°F in Mitribah, Kuwait in 2016.

Why is Carbon Important: The Unsung Hero of Molecular Diversity

The carbon cycle significantly influences Earth's climate by determining carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, affecting global warming and ocean acidity, and being fundamentally tied to life processes like photosynthesis and respiration.