Futurism resources

This article explores key futurism resources and thinkers.

Futurism, a dynamic field that explores predictions and possibilities about the future, offers a window into what tomorrow might hold.

Below, we dive into some of the most influential and informative websites, thinkers, and educational resources in the realm of futurism.

From cutting-edge technological news to insightful predictions and academic courses, these resources will guide you through the fascinating landscape of future possibilities.


  1. Futurism: A prominent website covering various aspects of the future.
  2. Wired US and Wired UK: Renowned innovation magazines providing in-depth articles on technology and culture.
  3. Singularity Hub: Offers news about the future from the Singularity University.
  4. Reddit Futurology: A community for discussions on futurology.
  5. The Economist Intelligence Unit: Provides an economic angle on the future.
  6. Gizmodo Paleofuture: Features a unique perspective on a future that never happened.
  7. Future Conscience: A collection of the best futurist websites.
  8. BBC Future and BBC Click: UK broadcaster’s perspectives on the future.

Influential Futurists

  1. Ray Kurzweil: A prominent figure in transhumanism.
  2. Michio Kaku: A well-known physicist with a focus on the future.
  3. Yuval Noah Harari: A historian known for his future-oriented insights.

Educational Resources

  1. Institute for the Future: Offers future-focused education in Silicon Valley.
  2. Singularity University: Specializes in transhumanism and future studies.
  3. MIT Media Lab: A hub of innovation and technology.

Future Predictions and Studies

  1. Future Timeline: A timeline of future events and predictions.
  2. Long Bets: A platform for making predictions for charity.

Think Tanks and Societies

  1. World Future Society: Focuses on futurist mindsets.
  2. The Future Society: Specializes in AI governance.
  3. Digital Future Society: Explores the intersection of technology and social science.
  4. World Economic Forum: Discusses the 4th industrial revolution.

Blogs and YouTube Channels

  1. Future Conscience Blog: Explores desirable futures.
  2. Futurology YouTube Channel: Video content related to futurism.

These resources serve as gateways to understanding and engaging with the multifaceted world of futurism, offering diverse perspectives and insights to help shape your vision of what’s to come.