How to Download Facebook Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide

Choose the right tool to download Facebook videos based on your device OS, convenience, and quality preferences.

Choosing the Right Tool for Downloading Facebook Videos

When looking to download a video from Facebook, selecting the appropriate method is crucial.

Factors such as the operating system of your device, convenience, and video quality preferences will influence your choice.

Using Online Downloaders for Facebook Videos

For those who prefer a quick and easy solution without installing software, online downloaders are a suitable choice.

Websites like allow users to download videos by simply pasting the video’s URL into a web form.

This method is compatible with any browser and works across multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, and iPhone.

  • Paste the video URL on the online downloader.
  • Follow instructions to save the video on your computer or mobile device.

Download Facebook Videos Directly via the URL

Some users might not be aware that they can download Facebook videos directly using a browser such as Google Chrome.

This can be done by accessing the video URL and making a simple change to it:

  1. Go to the Facebook video.
  2. Right-click on the video and select “Show video URL”.
  3. Copy the URL and make modifications instructed by guides like wikiHow.

Third-Party Applications for Various Platforms

If one is seeking more functionality, third-party applications offer a robust solution.

For example, 4k Video Downloader supports not only Facebook but various other platforms.

It’s available for users of Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

On smartphones, dedicated apps provide a tailored experience for Android and iPhone users.

Chrome users can also opt for extensions tailored to downloading Facebook videos such as Facebook Video Downloader.

  • Download and install the application appropriate for your OS.
  • Use the app’s interface to paste the video URL and download.

Selecting the correct tool for downloading Facebook videos can greatly enhance the user’s experience, allowing for ease of use and satisfaction with the quality of downloaded content.

Steps to Save Videos from Facebook

A computer screen displaying a Facebook video with a cursor clicking on the "Download" button

Saving Facebook videos to watch offline is straightforward.

Users can select the desired video quality and easily access their downloads once the process is complete.

Copying the Video Link for Download

Firstly, the user needs to obtain the video link from Facebook.

On a browser, they can start playing the video they wish to save, then right-click and choose “Copy video URL at current time.” For Android or iOS, they might need to tap the three dots icon on the video and select “Copy link.”

Video Quality and Format Selection

After copying the link, they move to an online downloader like, where they paste the URL into the appropriate field.

Users have the option to choose the quality of the video they’re downloading, usually standard or high definition.

The common format for the downloaded video is usually an MP4 file, which is widely supported across multiple devices.

Saving and Finding Your Downloaded Facebook Videos

Once the user selects “Download,” the file will be saved to the computer’s Downloads folder or a location of their choice.

On an Android device, it will typically appear in the gallery or a file manager under “Downloads.” For iOS, the video may be saved to the Files app or directly to the Photos app if the appropriate solution like MyMedia is used.

Users can then enjoy their downloaded content without an internet connection.