National Geographic Subscription: Discover Adventure and Learning Awaits

National Geographic offers varied subscriptions including different magazines for all ages, digital access, exclusive content, and subscriber benefits.

Subscription Options and Benefits

A stack of National Geographic magazines with a banner showcasing subscription options and benefits

Various Subscription Types

National Geographic offers a variety of subscription options to cater to different interests and preferences.

Some of the subscription types include National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic History, National Geographic Kids, and National Geographic Little Kids.

Each magazine is tailored to specific age groups and areas of interest, providing readers with world-renowned stories and captivating visuals.

Digital Benefits

Subscribers can opt for a digital subscription, which grants access to exclusive daily content, unlimited access to the online magazine, and the convenience of keeping all issues in one location.

With a digital subscription, you can enjoy the National Geographic experience on any device, allowing you to delve into their inspiring stories and stunning photography wherever you go.

Exclusive Content and Features

National Geographic offers more than just its regular magazine to subscribers.

By subscribing, readers gain access to exclusive content and benefits like special online features and discounts on other National Geographic publications.

For instance, if a subscriber wants to learn more about a particular topic or explore the world from their children’s perspective, they can easily get exclusive discounts on Nat Geo History, Nat Geo Kids, or Nat Geo Little Kids magazines.

Furthermore, as a National Geographic subscriber, you can enjoy a more immersive experience with access to exclusive content and the latest updates on scientific breakthroughs, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled discoveries.

Customer Support and Resources

A person answering phone calls and emails, surrounded by maps, books, and a computer, assisting customers with National Geographic subscription inquiries

Managing Your Subscription

National Geographic offers easy-to-use resources for managing your magazine subscription.

Subscribers in the U.S. and Canada can renew their subscriptions or access 24/7 online customer service by visiting the website.

Here, subscribers can manage their accounts, update delivery addresses, and more.

Educational Resources and Events

National Geographic is more than just a magazine; it’s a platform that encourages exploration, education, and conservation.

They offer various resources, including:

  • Nat Geo Home: Discover stories, articles, and videos related to science, travel, and culture.
  • Live events: Attend talks, workshops, and conferences featuring renowned experts.
  • Book a trip: Explore the world through National Geographic Expeditions.
  • Buy maps, watch TV: Purchase educational products, watch documentaries, and more.

To stay informed about all these offerings, you can sign up for their newsletters and become an explorer.

Legal and Privacy Information

National Geographic is committed to ensuring the privacy of its users.

They have a comprehensive Privacy Policy detailing how they handle and safeguard user information.

In addition, they also provide specific privacy policies for:

  • U.S. State Privacy Rights: Addresses the privacy rights of residents of California and other U.S. states.
  • Children’s Online Privacy Policy: Details how National Geographic collects and uses the information of children below the age of 13.
  • Interest-Based Ads: Explains National Geographic’s policy concerning targeted advertising and your choices regarding it.
  • Nielsen Measurement: Provides information on audience measurement services used by National Geographic partners.

Please visit their website to read more about their Legal Terms of Use as well.

National Geographic combines the efforts of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Partners, LLC to protect the planet and support their mission of exploration and education.

You can join them by contributing to their work, exploring job opportunities at Nat Geo, and visiting the D.C. Museum.