Sino Biological Houston: Your Gateway to Innovative Life Science Products

Sino Biological is a leading biotech company based in Beijing, expanding globally with a focus on recombinant technology and bioreagents.

Overview of Sino Biological

An aerial view of Sino Biological's Houston facility, with the company's logo prominently displayed on the building

Sino Biological is a premier biotechnology company headquartered in Beijing, China, with an expanding international footprint, including a strategic location in Houston, Texas.

This section provides insights into the origins and growth of the company, as well as an overview of the wide range of products and services it offers.

Company Origins and Expansion

Sino Biological was established with the vision of becoming a global leader in the field of recombinant technology.

From its Beijing headquarters, the company has grown significantly, creating subsidiaries and expanding its global presence.

Furthering its geographical reach, Sino Biological has established locations in key scientific hubs such as Suzhou and Taizhou in China, Frankfurt in Germany, and Wayne, Pennsylvania in the United States.

The establishment of its new site in Houston, Texas underscores its commitment to serving the biomedical community and taking advantage of the opportunities within Texas Medical Center and the upcoming Levit Green district.

Product and Service Portfolio

As an international reagent supplier, Sino Biological offers a comprehensive catalog of high-quality biological research reagents.

This includes recombinant proteins, antibodies, cDNA clones, and ELISA kits designed to support the scientific research community.

Alongside these products, the company provides specialized technical contract research services, aimed to facilitate the advancement of life science research globally.

The Houston location not only acts as a distribution hub but also houses a new Center for Bioprocessing, opened in October 2023, which enhances their service capabilities within the United States.

Innovation and Partnerships

Two companies collaborate in a modern lab, exchanging ideas and data for innovative solutions

In driving innovation and nurturing partnerships, Sino Biological has leveraged its expansion in Houston to advance its research and development while expanding its global reach with strategic collaborations.

This section explores the concrete steps and alliances that underscore Sino Biological’s growth in the life science space.

Research and Development Strategies

Sino Biological’s Houston office serves as a hub for its research and development efforts, focusing on cutting-edge recombinant protein production and antibody development.

Utilizing advanced technology platforms, the site has amplified the company’s capabilities in producing research- and diagnostic-grade proteins, viral antigens, and GMP-grade cytokines.

The Center for Bioprocessing (C4B) is particularly noteworthy for bolstering pre-clinical production technology services and supporting monoclonal antibody drug candidates, reinforcing Sino Biological’s commitment to innovation.

Collaborations and Growth

Sino Biological has recognized that growth is symbiotic with collaboration.

The establishment of its US-based manufacturing facility, C4B in the Greater Houston area, has catalyzed myriad partnerships across the life sciences industry.

By joining forces with industry key players and experts such as Rob Burgess, Sino Biological not only extends its worldwide physical presence but also enhances its marketing and sales efforts.

These strategic partnerships support the company’s mission to provide bespoke CRO services, including custom recombinant protein and recombinant antibody development, affirming its position as a leader in the bioreagent manufacture domain.