Stingray 2: Unveiling the Next-Gen Aquatic Marvel

The Manley Stingray II is a high-end, tube-based integrated amplifier that combines vintage design with modern features for superior sound quality.

Overview of the Manley Stingray II

The Manley Stingray II stands out in the realm of high-fidelity audio with its distinct fusion of vintage tube design and modern functionality, offering audiophiles a rich and enveloping sound experience.

Design and Features

The Manley Stingray II is a line-level integrated amplifier known for its high-end performance and distinct design.

The tube amplifier is equipped with four EL84 output tubes per channel and offers functionality in both triode and ultra-linear modes.

In the triode mode, the Stingray II operates at approximately 20 watts per channel, while the ultra-linear mode harnesses a push-pull arrangement to double the output.

Furthermore, the Stingray II includes a built-in headphone amp, adding to its versatile user experience.

This integrated amplifier is also noted for having a robust THD+N ratio, which ensures minimal total harmonic distortion + noise, preserving audio purity.

The input impedance is set to cater to a variety of audio sources, and the integration of a subwoofer output allows for an expanded low-frequency response.

For convenience, a remote control is provided, and for additional audio refinement, features such as mute and standby allow users to manage the amplifier with ease.

Connecting Your Audio

Connections on the Stingray II are straightforward, aiding in setting up an immersive hi-fi system.

The back panel of the amplifier includes various input points to accommodate multiple audio sources.

Users can conveniently adjust the bias settings for the output tubes without specialized tools due to the user-friendly design of the input section.

In terms of size, the Manley Stingray II’s dimensions are compatible with standard audio racks, and its idle power consumption is efficient for an amplifier of its kind.

Its shipping weight reflects the quality and sturdiness of the construction materials used.

The amplifier’s ability to deliver a max output power while keeping the THD at bay is a testament to its engineering.

For further details on the Stingray II’s specifications, visit Manley Laboratories, Inc., where you can explore the considered layout that contributes to its outstanding sonic performance.

For more insights into the Stingray II’s audio quality and how it performs in practical settings, investigate user reviews and professional takes found on hi-fi+ and on Upscale Audio.

Technical Specifications and Performance

The Stingray 2 hovers above a sleek, modern backdrop, showcasing its technical specifications and performance features in a dynamic and futuristic display

When discussing the Stingray II’s technical specifications and performance, it’s essential to note that this equipment boasts meticulous engineering, focusing on sound quality and seamless integration into a variety of audio setups.

Audio Quality and Output

The Stingray II is designed with an emphasis on exceptional audio fidelity.

Its frequency response is expertly crafted to ensure a smooth and expansive sound spectrum.

Key to its performance is its s/n ratio, which maintains a pristine signal with minimal noise.

The Stingray II utilizes 12AT7 input tubes alongside EL84 output stage tubes, which work in harmony to deliver a rich and warm audio output.

The ultra-linear mode push-pull operation further enhances the tonal quality, providing listeners with a truly immersive audio experience.

Moreover, the output transformers are meticulously constructed to deliver a clear and precise audio signal to your speakers, while the volume control is engineered to offer fine adjustments, preserving audio integrity at any level.

The Stingray II’s system gain staging is another testament to its sophisticated design, optimizing each stage of the audio amplification process for a balanced and dynamic sound.

Compatibility and Connectivity

In terms of compatibility and connectivity, the Stingray II is a masterclass in versatility.

It supports line-level driven active powered subwoofers, allowing users to easily integrate a subwoofer for enhanced bass performance.

Additionally, the Stingray II features a variety of input switching options, including unbalanced RCA jacks, which ensure it can interface with a wide range of audio sources.

For those looking to incorporate recording equipment or additional audio processors, the Stingray II provides tape send and tape return connections, maintaining its position as a flexible centerpiece in any setup.

Moreover, a 1/4″ headphone output allows for private listening sessions without compromising on sound quality, courtesy of its all-vacuum tube design.

The Stingray II’s logic controlled volume and balance functions present users with precise control over their listening experience, demonstrating the intricate and user-focused design of this outstanding audio apparatus.