The Amish population in the United States

As of 2023, the estimated Amish population in the USA was around 377,200. Since 1920, the population has been been growing, on average, by 4.2% per year. The number of Amish in the US doubles about every 20 years.

As of 2023, the estimated Amish population in the USA was around 377,200.

The Amish population in the United States has been growing at a rapid pace, with a growth rate of about 4.2% per year since 1920, which is much higher than the general U.S. population growth rate.

This growth is primarily due to high birth rates and low attrition rates among the Amish community, as they largely retain their traditional way of life and do not often leave their communities.

Here’s a table showing the growth of the Amish population over the past 100 years:

YearAmish Population
Amish Population in the US, 1920 – 2023

It’s important to note that these figures are estimates, as the Amish are not included in the U.S. Census due to their religious beliefs and cultural practices.

Amish Growth Trends, 2000-2023

The Amish population in North America has experienced significant growth since the turn of the century.

In 2000, the estimated population stood at 177,910, but by 2023, it had surged to 384,290, representing an impressive 116 percent increase.

This growth rate is particularly noteworthy, as it indicates that the Amish population is doubling approximately every 20 years.

Alongside the population growth, the number of Amish districts has also expanded, increasing from 1,335 in 2000 to 2,914 in 2023, a net gain of 1,579 districts.

During this period, the Amish established 322 new settlements, extending their presence to six additional states (Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming) and three new provinces (Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island).

The Amish currently reside in 638 geographical settlements across 32 US states, four Canadian provinces, and Bolivia in South America.

Factors Contributing to Population Growth

The remarkable growth of the Amish population can be attributed to two primary factors.

First, Amish families tend to be large, with an average of five or more children per household. Second, the retention rate among Amish youth is exceptionally high, with 85 percent or more of Amish children choosing to join the church as young adults.

While a small number of outsiders have joined the Amish community, the vast majority of growth comes from within.

Source: The Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College