Cancel National Geographic Subscription: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

To cancel a National Geographic subscription, use the online customer service website or contact their support by phone or email.

Cancelling National Geographic Subscription

A hand holding a National Geographic magazine with a red "cancel" stamp over the cover.</p><p>The background could include a pile of unread magazines

Whether one is looking to end their print or digital access, cancelling a National Geographic subscription can be accomplished through a couple of methods.

It’s important for subscribers to know the process for online cancellation and how to reach customer service for any assistance.

Online Cancellation Process

Subscribers may cancel their National Geographic subscriptions through the magazine’s official customer service website.

This online platform facilitates the process, requiring individuals to log in with their account details.

After logging in, one can follow the prompts to terminate their subscription.

Customer Service Contact Methods

For those who prefer personal assistance or do not have access to the internet, National Geographic offers various contact methods.

Subscribers can reach out to the magazine’s customer service team via phone by dialing 1-800-647-5463.

Alternatively, one has the option to send an email for support, which can be found on the magazine’s customer service page.

Those residing outside the U.S. and Canada will find appropriate contact information for their region listed on the National Geographic website.

After Cancellation

National Geographic logo erased on a computer screen

When a subscriber cancels their National Geographic magazine subscription, specific details regarding access to content and refunds become pertinent.

Access to Past Content

After canceling a subscription, customers may still have the ability to access past issues of National Geographic magazines.

Subscriber benefits typically include access to the digital archive, which contains a wealth of articles and National Geographic video content.

It is crucial to check the terms of service, as this access might be limited or expire after a certain time post-cancellation.

Refund Policies

National Geographic’s refund policies for canceled subscriptions are structured to be fair and considerate.

Subscribers can expect refunds for the unused portion of their subscription.

To understand specific refund amounts and processing times, contacting customer service directly through the appropriate customer service channels is recommended.

The refund process is initiated once the cancellation request is confirmed and is typically reflected within the billing cycle.