National Geographic Renewal: A Guide to Continuing Your Subscription

To stay updated with science and cultures, keep your National Geographic subscription active, using options like digital or print, and manage it easily online.

Renewing Your National Geographic Subscription

When it comes to staying connected with the latest in science, geography, and world culture, maintaining an active subscription to National Geographic is essential.

Subscribers can choose from various options, including digital and print, and must be aware of the renewal rates and processes involved.

Subscription Options and Pricing

National Geographic offers both print and digital subscription options.

An annual digital subscription is priced at USD $34/year, providing a cost-effective way to access a plethora of articles and stunning photography.

For those preferring a tangible copy, the print subscription is slightly higher, at USD $35/year.

This difference takes into account the additional costs of printing and delivery.

Canadian subscribers should note that prices are in U.S. funds and applicable taxes will be added.

More details on the subscription offerings can be found on National Geographic’s subscription page.

The Renewal Process

Subscribers can partake in the Automatic Renewal Program for uninterrupted service.

This program ensures that the subscription will continue without any action needed by the subscriber, with the renewal rate being charged to the provided credit card account.

If participating in this program, always ensure the credit card details are up to date to avoid any disruption.

Subscribers typically receive a 30-day free trial before the first renewal payment.

To process a renewal, or to update subscription details, subscribers can visit National Geographic’s customer service.

Cancellation and Refunds

Subscribers may decide to cancel their National Geographic subscription at any time.

In such cases, a pro-rated refund will be provided for the remaining issues that have not been delivered.

The refund process is straightforward and aims to ensure subscriber satisfaction, even when discontinuing the service.

For assistance with cancellation and understanding the terms of refund, the National Geographic partners support center offers comprehensive guidance.

Managing Your Subscription

A hand holding a National Geographic magazine with a renewal form, surrounded by various payment options and a calendar with a highlighted renewal date

For those with a love for exploration and discovery, maintaining an active National Geographic magazine subscription ensures continued access to a wealth of knowledge.

Below are important aspects of subscription management for current subscribers.

Customer Service and Inquiries

National Geographic provides assistance for any issues or enquiries regarding a subscription.

Subscribers can speak to a customer service representative by calling 1-800-647-5463.

Alternatively, they can send an email, detailing their concerns or questions about their subscriptions.

Update Subscription Details

It is vital for subscribers to keep their subscription details up to date.

This includes changes in the address, postal code, city, country, state, or province.

Updates can be conveniently made by visiting the website.

Subscribers from various states or provinces can manage their details with ease on this platform.

Accessing Subscription Content

Access to the vast array of National Geographic content, such as articles, maps and products, is available 24/7 on the platform.

Subscribers can also explore content using their MyDisney account, which offers a seamless way to interact with National Geographic’s resources from anywhere in the world.